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Igor Mazepa about healthcare reform in Ukraine


Igor Mazepa, Concorde Capital’s CEO, commented on what was lacking in the previous version of medical reform and what the new government can do to attract investors to the medical sphere

Concorde Capital founder and CEO Igor Mazepa told the “Right to Power” television talk show on Oct. 31 what was lacking in the previous medical reform legislation and what the new government can do to attract investors to the medical sphere.

“As an investor in the Dobrobut network of medical clinics, I can name two key things that were not completed in medical reform,” Igor Mazepa said. “It doesn’t offer copayment for medical services, in which the state guarantees for patients compensation of a portion of their medical services, with the patient paying the remainder.” The previous legislation also lacks mandatory health insurance at the state level, Igor Mazepa said.

A third thing, which is relevant for Ukraine on the whole, is to continue to fight corruption, Igor Mazepa said. “I hope that the medical reform that the new team in the government is planning won’t remain only on paper, or in SmartPhones, but will be implemented.”

To draw more foreign investment in the sector, Ukraine needs to “develop private medicine, fulfill medical reform to the fullest and be open to foreign investors,” Igor Mazepa said.