Igor Mazepa

CEO of Concorde Capital
Investment company

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“ Ukraine has to build the reputation of the country as a reliable place to do business. ”

Igor Mazepa: will international investors remove their money from Ukraine?


Igor Mazepa, the CEO of Concorde Capital investment company, discussed whether international investors will remove their money from Ukraine.

It’s hard to say for what price and discount local government bonds can be sold on the secondary market since Ukrainian banks can be the only buyer, - says Igor Mazepa. But many banks have restrictions on the purchase of high-risk bonds with Ukraine’s rating. So, the main hope for demand is from state banks. – says Igor Mazepa.

The theoretical holders of Ukrainian Eurobonds can sell them if prices for them grow. So far, nonresidents don’t have a particular desire to come out, according to the National Bank’s statistics. It’s likely that at the start, many were ready to hold them until maturity, - summarized Igor Mazepa.