Igor Mazepa

CEO of Concorde Capital
Investment company

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“ Ukraine has to build the reputation of the country as a reliable place to do business. ”

Concorde Capital goes to new market in 2021 according to CEO Igor Mazepa


Concorde Capital CEO and Founder Igor Mazepa about the company's plans for 2021.

What is your frame of mind about the upcoming year? What are your expectations of 2021?

“I am in the excellent frame of mind. We in Concorde Capital firmly believe that in 2021 we can try to bring Ukrainian companies to foreign stock markets. In addition, Ukraine still has a large number of stressed and undervalued assets and companies that can be good investment destinations with a fairly high expected return. This is what we are doing now”, comments Igor Mazepa. “We also see an increased demand from various types of investors for assets in foreign stock markets as an alternative to the classic bank deposits. Now almost anyone has the opportunity to trade all international asset classes without restrictions (stocks of any countries, futures, options, FX, spot currency, bonds, cryptocurrency, etc.). This enables higher returns compared to classic deposits”.

What conceptually new are you going to do in 2021?

“We will enter new markets”, states Igor Mazepa.

What are the specific areas of your interest?

“The most interesting sectors for me are health care, e-commerce, tech companies, suburban real estate, and the recreational sector”.

Igor Mazepa, CEO and Founder of Concorde Capital, shared his plans for 2021.